5 Tools for Drawing your Dream Home

Turn your idea of a house into your home by using these 5 tools. 

Before you even begin thinking about taking out a piece of paper to start Drawing your Dream Home, you must first define your desires. Do this by creating a personalized list. To begin, visit your favorite neighborhoods and start taking inventory of the exterior designs of these houses. Make note of the aesthetics, and don’t consider price or practicality, the idea is to simply look for what inspires you. You have likely pictured in your mind what your dream home would look like, as most people have an idea of what they like; but just as important, is to know what leaves you unmoved and uninspired. It is important to make a list of what you don’t care about, and what will not be necessary in the design of your dream home. Take photographs and consider attending open house events such as the parade of homes. This can be a great tool for inspiration, providing you the opportunity to view interior details that you otherwise would not be able to see.

The next step is to physically put the pen to paper and begin drawing a mock blueprint. This will force you to make the hard decisions about where you want to place windows, doors, light fixtures, and appliances. Each room has a life of its own, and that is very much influenced by the furniture that you choose. It is a good idea to think about the scale of furniture during the design process to ensure you have designed adequate space for all rooms and walking paths. Tools needed to physically draw your blueprints are an architect’s scale and symbol template, as well as drawing tools such as a T-square, or straight edge adjustable triangle, mechanical pencils, erasers, erasing shields, tracing paper, and masking tape. Through this process you will need to make decisions about the dimensions of each room, closets, and even cabinet depths.

If drawing by hand is not your strength, you can try one of the several design softwares on the market to assist you in Drawing your Dream Home. Beware though, as some free and inexpensive programs will not completely generate the cross sections, framing and other blueprint details that you need to get your building plans approved for construction.

1) Google SketchUP

Google SketchUp is a free program available for download online, that allows you to draw 3D images of your dream home. SketchUP does require the purchase of a license that is active  for 1 year. 

2) Room Sketcher

With RoomSketcher home designer, it’s easy to create elegant floor plans. Compatible on Mac, PC, and with a tablet app you can create from anywhere!  Room Sketcher is perfect for adding furniture and accessories to your design. 

3) HGTV Software

The Home and Garden Television (HGTV) has their own software that allows you to create your own floor plans. While this costs around $50 on Amazon.com, the software is designed to be a user friendly tool that walks you through the process of how to draw and design your ideal home.

4) Planning Wiz

Planning Wiz is a very detailed tool that has no limit to customization. Planning Wiz allows personal use for free and allows up to 5 floor plans. There are premium features that cost a monthly fee that include unlimited floor plans, printable plans, and the ability to upload blueprints to the background. 

5) HomeStyler

This drag and drop floor planning tool is very easy to use, while also having extensive customizable features for drawing your home. 

Once you get started drawing your dream home, consult with Treasured Spaces to put your plan into action.We will review the location of your future home, the budget, and styles that fit your eye. Our meeting will give us the chance to learn about your ideas so we can begin planning a design agreement for your final blueprints, and make decisions about product and material selection.  Through this process we will listen and make detailed notes, considering color, and lifestyle choices that you want to implement into your design.

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