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Best Remodeling Projects for the Winter

While sometimes it’s tough to weather through the long, cold months of winter, the season can present a great opportunity to get some home remodeling projects checked off the list.

If you have the winter blues, here are the best remodeling projects to keep yourself busy – let’s get started!

Basement Remodel

There are plenty of advantages to remodeling your basement during winter. First, since the basement is located underground, all work is contained indoors and you won’t have to open your house to any outdoor elements. Additionally, added insulation and sheetrock will help protect your home from the cold and keep your home warmer. Additionally, the cold winter air is less humid, so mold is much less likely to form on exposed surfaces.  Finishing the basement will give you a dedicated space to work, game, or relax, while also adding value to your home.

Make Your Interiors More Colorful

As winter approaches and weather turns cold and often dreary, it presents the perfect opportunity to add a splash of color to your home’s walls. Rich colors can help stave off the winter blues while creating a more warm, inviting space. Other ways to add a dash of color include incorporating throw pillows on seating areas, adding ambient lighting to dark areas of the home, and decorating the mantel with seasonal accessories like garlands and poinsettias.

Updating Your Windows to Achieve Energy Efficiency

When winter comes, don’t forget about your windows! To keep cold air at bay and reduce energy costs, updated windows will add style and functionality to your home. Inquire about double- or triple-paned windows or insulated glass units (IGUs) from a local contractor. These multiple-paned windows help minimize the escape of warm air, keeping your house cozier throughout the winter months and your energy costs down.

Installing a Steam Shower

There’s almost nothing more blissful than a steam shower on a cold, snowy day. Transform your boring bathtub into a steamy retreat by sealing your existing shower and linking a steam generator to it or installing a new prefabricated fiberglass unit. This project is best left to a professional general contractor, as it requires expert wiring and vapor-proofing.

Home Office

The wintertime presents a good opportunity to hunker down and get some work done. Give yourself a dedicated space to focus on paperwork, balance your checkbook or relax with a book by transforming an extra space into a home office. With an office, you finally have a place in your home to work, making your professional goals much more achievable. Installing a home office can be as simple as clearing out space in an area of your house, and adding a desk, chair, file cabinet, bookshelf or another organizational system to accommodate your storage needs.

Redo Old Flooring or Pull-Up Carpet

Flooring is a good project to tackle in the winter because it doesn’t take long (about one to two days) and you’re working inside where it’s warm. Additionally, everyone that’s going in and out of your home is tracking in all kinds of debris, which is harmful to both carpet and hardwood floors. Snow and water, in particular, gets absorbed by hardwood and can cause lasting damage. Refinishing your hardwood floors during winter will give them extra protection.

Install New Thermostats

The winter is a good time to update the thermostats around the house. Today’s thermostats are driven by smart technology, optimizing the temperature to save you money on energy. If you choose the right thermostat, you can see a huge reduction in your utility bill costs. With programmable thermostats, you have the ability to set it to keep the home warm and cozy when you’re there, while lowering the temperature when you’re away. After all, it’s a waste of money to heat the home when no one is there.

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