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Making the most of your Cabin Kitchen: Easy Improvements for the DIYer

Making the most of your Cabin Kitchen: Easy Improvements for the DIYer

Cabin kitchens are often places where storage space is limited with small counter tops, few cabinets and limited spaces for drawers or a pantry. If you want to make the most of this space you will have to get creative. Here are some easy suggestions for the person who enjoys a few simple DIY projects.

Get the most out of the space you already have!

There are several easy ways that you can improve the space in your existing cabinets and drawers. An important concept that you’ll want to adopt, is that you to make sure that you use all the space in the cabinets and not just the bottom half. You can accomplish in a variety of different ways. One good idea is to add smaller organizing boxes within the cabinet space. The boxes will allow you to more effectively stack and collect items within a space. It’s a good idea to use boxes that are transparent or well labelled so you can quickly find the items you’re looking for.

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Beyond using boxes, there are other creative ways of increasing your the storage space underneath the sink for all of your home cleaning supplies. A simple way to create some space is by installing a tension rod across the space so that you can hang squirt bottles.
This idea can be taken one step further by adding another tension rod and a basket or two. Setting the basket between bracketed tension rods can create a whole new level of storage space underneath your kitchen sink.

If you’ve got extra wall space, use it!

In a small kitchen space, such as a cabin, your counter and cabinet space will be at a premium. A good way to expand your storage capacity in the kitchen is by getting creative with your wall space.

Large knife holding blocks can take up a lot of counter space, and devoting a whole drawer to just your chef knives may not be ideal. In that case, your best solution may be to install a magnetic knife strip to an easily accessible place on your kitchen wall. These can be purchased at most kitchen stores or online, and are very easy to install simply with a drill.

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Another creative way to utilize your wall is to add a peg board. Peg boards are commonly seen in the garages of organized home handymen, but they can also be a great storage tool for the organized home chef. Julia Child was famous for having an impeccably organized pegboard in her home kitchen. The pegboard can be customized to fit all of your favorite and most commonly used kitchen tools.

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Adding pantry space can be done easily without the need for installing a whole new set of cabinets. Inspired by the look of the rustic country store, you can turn an open wall into storage, by adding wall-anchored shelves. You can create as many shelf spaces as the space allows. They can also make the kitchen look more spacious and open.

Add on to your existing cabinets.

While cabinets are the core of your storage space in the kitchen. If you’ve got to create more space, you can continue to expand by building onto, into, and around them.

Whether you’re looking for space for items big or small, the simple installation of hooks can be a smart and functional addition. For small items such as mugs and measuring cups small hooks can be easily installed beneath your hanging cabinets.

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Additional space for spices can be created just inside the doors of your cabinets. A small and simple spice rack can easily be screwed into the back of the door. You can do something similar with a closet or pantry door as well. With the bigger sturdier door, you can attach shelving for canned goods and pantry items.

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The DIY projects will help you to get the most of what you’ve got in your kitchen today. If you want to move beyond these simple kitchen projects, Treasured Spaces can help. We’re Minnesota’s leading home remodeling contractor, and whether its your home or your cabin, we can help you create a kitchen that optimizes the space you have and make it look great too!

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