Coffee Bars in Kitchens: A Growing Trend You’ll Want Now!

A morning cup of joe is ritualistic for just about everyone these days. Waking up, brewing the coffee and pouring it in your favorite mug, or a to-go thermos if you’re on the run, is more than the first activity you do each morning. It’s the kick-start you need to tackle the day. Whether you prefer light or dark roast, black or cream, iced or hot, coffee is what gets you going.
People everywhere are starting to recognize the significance coffee plays in their everyday lives, and they are doing so by adding coffee bars in their kitchen to make their morning tradition all the more special.

Personal Coffee Bars on the Rise  

Not only is coffee a mainstay of your morning, but coffee at your local cafe is a common form of socializing. Just like how a personal wine bar brings the feeling of a winery to your home, a coffee bar brings the aesthetic of your favorite cafe to your kitchen! There is a trend of people opting to entertain within the comfort of their home as opposed to going out. Coffee bars are the newest form of in-house entertainment and they are the perfect way to add a little modernization to your home with some utilitarian value.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in creating a coffee bar for your home, decide where the best location is. If you’re kitchen is a little too cramped, finding an area outside of the kitchen works just as well. If your primary focus of your new coffee bar is for socializing with guests, the living room and dining room may be a good fit. An area with plenty of wall space is preferable so you can add height to your coffee bar.
Next, you’ll need to decide what the centerpiece of your coffee bar will be. Typically, it will feature a etagere bookshelf or buffet table. However, you can use any structure you want as the base for your new coffee bar. Remember that old piece of furniture that’s been sitting in your attic for quite some time now? Put it to use by revitalizing it as the main structure for your new coffee bar.
This coffee bar utilizes extra wall space for coffee creamers and flavorings to add some height to their kitchens.

Courtesy of One Woman’s Haven

Or create your framework on your own like this coffee shop inspired piece. We love the use of wood in this particular coffee bar, as well as their homemade chalkboard and use of greenery and light.

Courtesy of Gray House Studio

Or utilize open space on your kitchen counter for a simpler coffee bar that will still add additional character to your kitchen. As you can see, there are a lot of directions you can take your coffee bar and there are no wrong choices here. Choose whatever makes sense for your kitchen and your budget.

Courtesy of Shaunae Teske 

It is important to remember that your coffee bar will be an extension of the room it is in, so makes sure it still fits the tone and feeling of your home.

Personalize Your Coffee Bar!

Perhaps the best part about coffee bars is that you get to personalize it. You have a specific preference for your coffee, so customize your coffee bar to your own tastes.
Maybe you like your coffee black with no sugar and cream. A rustic theme based around dark colors and wood may suite you well. If you love going to local coffee shops for their vibe, create your own mini cafe by including a chalkboard above your bar to write down your ‘menu’ or to-do list. Use one of your shelves to keep some of your favorite books and plants.
A great way to find some accessories to make your coffee bar is to head to some antique shops or local flea markets. Look for any retro trinkets and knick knacks to touch up and add them to your coffee bar to add some uniqueness.
If you plan on hosting some coffee gatherings, make sure to include a wide variety of coffee creamers and flavors. Iced coffee is particularly popular these days, so consider making your coffee bar inclusive for your guests who like their coffee on the cooler side. Also, keep your coffee bar fresh by changing the details with the seasons. Add some hot cocoa mix in the winter, or some apple cider in the fall. You can put anything and everything on your coffee bar. Remember, be creative and find out what works for you!

… and Be Prepared for Some Work.

With any DIY project, there is going to be a lot of work involved. Don’t feel like you need to do it all on your own! Working with a contractor can help make your dream coffee bar a reality. Make sure you have an idea of what you want your bar to look like. Use Pinterest for inspiration and see what clicks with you and work with your contractor to help create it. Remember, all the hard work you put into your coffee bar will be worth it once you see the end result, even if it takes a little rearranging to get it exactly how you like.

Need Some Help Finding That Inspiration?

With an eye for detail and a passion for quality, we at Treasured Spaces have over 450 projects under our belt and have a long history of bringing serious value to our clients. If you’re in need of some guidance on your next kitchen project, reach out to Treasured Spaces, Minnesota’s premier remodeling contractor, and we’ll work with you to add that missing ingredient to your home.

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