When it comes to home remodeling, your biggest fear may well be busting the budget. Transforming your space into the home of your dreams can be pricey and without the help of a professional, you could very well spend beyond your means. There are a few ways to ensure your project is done on time and, more importantly, on budget.

Here are seven ways to cut remodeling costs, so you can cut costs without cutting corners.

1) The Little Things Add Up

When you a contractor is working on your project, it’s easy to start asking them to do more. But these small costs add up – whether it’s adjusting the layout, changing materials or adding new elements to the design. However, all of these little things can add up to big charges. The contractor needs to charge for his services and adding on tasks will only require more labor and more materials Try to keep perspective when going through the remodeling process; stick to the plan that was laid out, so you don’t end up blowing your budget.

2) Increase Efficiency, Not Size

Are you in need of more space? consider increasing efficiency of your current space, rather than building an entire addition. Your first thought may be to add more square footage to your house, but it’s more cost effective to maximize the space that exists. Many space-related problems can be solved by reconfiguring the layout to make the home feel larger and more functional. For example, when you have extra storage space by replacing kitchen cabinets with fixed-shelf cabinets featuring extended pull-out drawers, you may change your mind about needing to expand the kitchen.

3) Hire a Remodeling Contractor to Build the “Shell”

If you are considering an addition, and trying to keep costs down, hire a contractor to build just the exterior “shell” of your addition. You can then complete the interior once you have the funds available. This approach may not be for the faint of heart, since you’ll have a construction zone attached to your house, but it does present a way to get the remodeling process started – you could even try tackling some of the interior renovations yourself if you’re feeling handy.

4) Don’t Try to do Everything at Once

Phasing your remodels can help save upfront costs. Instead of remodeling your entire home at the same time, try taking-on one remodel project a year. For example, instead of redoing the entire basement, start with the laundry room, move on to the main room, redo the bathroom, etc. While this may not be the most time-effective approach to home remodeling, it will certainly save your wallet from taking a huge hit. A residential architect can help you come up with a “master plan” for your home remodel and organize it into phases that make sense.

5) Reduce Material Costs

A good way to reduce the overall cost of your remodeling project is to choose more affordable materials. Ultimately, your home remodeling contractor will spell out possible adjustments in materials in order to adapt your dream project to fit into your price range. Even if you have to make compromises, attaining even 75 percent of your dream is much better than living another year, five years or decades with the way your home is currently.

6) Get Better Prices in the Off Season

When you choose to remodel your home during the peak season, like the middle of summer, you will likely pay premium prices for contracting services. If you choose to remodel after the new year, however, you may see up to a five percent off the total cost of the project. Contractors that aren’t busy want your business. Construction doesn’t stop when it gets cold, and interior remodeling may be thousands of dollars less in winter than in summer.

7) Develop a Budget – And Stick to It

It’s crucial to take the appropriate steps to plan your budget. When you lay out the plans and develop a budget, you will find several opportunities where you can save money. For example, it will save you on plumbing costs if you keep the shower and toilet in place when you remodel, since they have more extensive drain lines. It is best to build a remodeling team that is on your side, since rarely do homeowners know these nuances of remodeling construction.

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