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Dreaming of a New Home? Treasured Spaces is Your Custom Home Construction Contractor

Are you dreaming of a new home? Whether you want to break new ground or improve your existing home, Treasured Spaces is your custom home construction contractor, providing comprehensive services that will bring your ideas to life. Here’s why we’re the number one choice for those in search of general construction services.

Our Commitment to Your Dream is in Our Name

We believe in building spaces that you’ll treasure for years to come. No matter what type of project you’ve dreamt up, we’ll build whatever it is that makes you excited.

Fully Customized Builds

If you have a vision in mind, we’ll create a space for you that’s as functional as it is beautiful. With our fully personalized construction plans, you’ll have a unique place to call your own.

Wide Variety of Contracting Services

Treasured Spaces offers several different contracting services that you can take advantage of right now. Take a look below to see how we can help you boost your property’s appeal:
  • Lake Home Construction – Treasured Spaces is the premier lake home contractor in Minnesota, with specialized offerings, such as new construction, remodeling and general consultation. We’ll build your little getaway home so you can live out your dream of lake-side living.
  • On Your Lot Construction – When it comes to building your dream home, we’ll provide the comprehensive construction services that you need to make it a reality. When you can customize your home to the highest level, you can make all your needs and desires come true. When you find your perfect location (or we can help you locate one), we’re the team that’s ready to work hard, bringing your ideas to life on day one.

Beautifying Homes with Renovations

Whether you want to add a second floor, a chef’s kitchen or a master bathroom, Treasured Spaces has the experience it takes to renovate any home. We can modify or expand your home to accommodate your family’s lifestyle and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of the home buying and moving process. Take a look at our wide variety of renovation services below:  
  • Kitchen Remodel – Whether you want a chef’s kitchen where you can master the art of cooking, a larger kitchen pantry so you can have more storage or just want to update your appliances, our kitchen remodeling services will deliver astonishing results.
  • Basement Remodel – From a home movie theater to a reading room to a man cave, the basement can be remade to serve any purpose. Are you picturing that big screen TV suspended on the wall, or are you imaging curling up next to the fire with your favorite book? Whatever it is, Treasured Spaces will make it happen.
  • Bathroom Renovation A simple tile refresh or backsplash replacement can go a long way when it comes to a bathroom renovation. Of course, an entire overhaul will deliver you all of the customized results that you’re looking for. We’re bathroom renovation professionals, ready to take on any project, big or small.
  • Porch Additions – There’s no better way to enjoy the beautiful Minnesota summers than on your very own porch. The porch is more than just a place to sit and marvel at the world passing by, it’s a place to gather with loved ones and create memories that can be cherished forever. Treasured Spaces will craft a space where you can bring friends and family together.
  • Specialty Projects – From three-season porches to kids’ playhouses, Treasured Spaces offers creative solutions to unique ideas. Our craftsmen are given the freedom to explore and create unforgettable home spaces per your request.
  • Exterior Style – When we take on a new construction project, it’s our goal to create an impressive exterior design of the home. This often overlooked component of the contracting process is actually the most impactful when it comes to boosting curb appeal and home value. We take extra care when we design your new home’s exterior.

Get In Touch with Treasured Spaces Today!

Now that you know some facts about why Treasured Spaces is the premier custom home contractor in Minnesota, contact our team to get started with your endeavor. Whether you want to build on your lot or customize your existing home, Treasured Spaces will craft your ideal space that you and your family will treasure long into the future. If you’re dreaming of a new home, get in touch with Treasured Spaces today.

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