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Home-building Trends 2017

In 2017, housing styles are emerging in the form of cutting-edge architecture, beautiful interior design and first-rate construction. Custom home builders are taking notice of the trends driving modern-day layouts, and coming up with creative, contemporary solutions. This year, make a bold statement by aligning your home with today’s most popular designs. If you’re interested in getting your home in-style for 2017, here are five home building tips to help you get there.

1) Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan is the latest trend in custom home building. An open floor plan gets rid of intruding walls and unnecessary obstructions to create a spacious, communal living space. On the whole, new construction is more contemporary, with cleaner lines and more modern concepts. This means fewer hallways and tiny, under-utilized rooms. With an open floor plan, you will get more use out of the space that you’re in.   The goal with an open floor plan is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the area. When there are no walls, the kitchen, living room and dining room can flow together, creating a space perfect for entertaining, interacting or just enjoying friends and family. An open floor plan uses 100 percent of the provided area, meaning you’re not wasting any space.

2) Satin Brass

In recent years, satin brass finishes have seen a strong comeback. Cherished for their shiny, golden hues and affordable prices, this type of finish will put a sparkle into your new kitchen or bathroom fixtures, without emptying your bank account. While polished brass may have been popular in the past decade, home builders today are migrating towards a satin finish, for a few reasons. First of all, it complements a number of different styles. Whether you have a light or dark color scheme, satin brass will make your home design stand out. Secondly, it looks great against almost any color under the sun, and works well mixed in with other finishes. You can give any room an eclectic look by employing satin brass this year.

3) Impressive Entry

In 2017, the entryway will be a main focus for homeowners looking to have fun with their design without blowing their budget. While remodeling costs can be pricey, sometimes just hanging a modest wallpaper, mirror or narrow table with a tray for shoes underneath in your entryway will make your home feel more welcoming to visitors. The entryway is the first impression people receive of your home upon entering it. Whether you have a mudroom or a grand foyer, you should make sure that you’re giving due diligence to this section of your home that welcomes visitors.

4) Neutrals Dominate

Neutral color schemes have become dominant in 2017 – everyone wants sleek and clean. In terms of kitchen design, as stainless steel continues to fall out of favor, more and more companies are beginning to introduce matte black and gray models of your favorite appliances. As the colors continue to trend this way, cabinets and doors will need to feature more mid-tones to provide balance to the color scheme. When it comes to the exterior of the house, designers are employing contrasting colors to accent building forms. With an intentional use of colors, homes are starting to look more striking and modern.

5) Building a Backyard

In today’s home-building market, consumers are trying to get the most for their buck. This means using every inch of available space. The backyard fits perfectly into this equation, allowing indoor spaces to open up directly to a patio, deck, fire pit or pizza oven. If you’re considering building a house, the backyard is a key piece of the puzzle. Outdoor kitchens are all the rage right now, giving homeowners a place to cook outside. There are a ton of ways to stretch your budget if you’re considering building an outdoor kitchen. With prefabricated or modular outdoor kitchen kits that come in a wide variety of customizable styles, you can skip hiring a contractor and do it yourself instead. Make an Impression in 2017 Custom home building trends are pointing towards a more modern design, filled with intelligent architecture, neutral interior and all-around communal atmosphere. With these five home building tips, you can get your home in style for 2017. Make a bold statement with a contemporary, creative home design that will leave your visitors with a lasting impression.

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