20 Simple Ways to Give Your Home Style a Modern Farmhouse Twist

With a sense of comfort, simplicity and style, modern farmhouse style continues to capture the imaginations of home designers everywhere. Successful farmhouse designs combine elements of both the classic and modern to create a space that’s truly unique. The modern farmhouse style in home design is more popular than ever – if you’d like to hop on-board with this rustic yet refined trend, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 simple ways to give your home style a modern farmhouse twist!

1) Use a Neutral Color Palette

The color palette you use is one of the most crucial aspects of a modern farmhouse style. The dark greens and yellows of the past are gone – instead, stick with a neutral color palette to create a farmhouse-inspired space. Use a variety of tones within the black, gray and white spectrum to nail the style.

2) Mix and Match Old and New Furniture

Furniture is another incredibly important part of giving your home a modern farmhouse makeover. While traditional farmhouse style may have used clunky, oversized furniture, today’s stylists are opting to mix and match old and new. Add intrigue to the design of the room by layerings items like throw pillows and blankets.

3) Farmhouse Dining Table

A staple of the farmhouse style is the dining table. There are a variety of tables out there to achieve a unified farmhouse style in the dining room. To achieve the best look, pick a table that features handmade, unhewn and/or distressed qualities.

4) Add Wood Accents

Integrate wood accents into the rooms of your home. The more rustic the finish, the more authentic your style will be.

5) Add Industrial Accents

Industrial accents also bring out a farmhouse-style vibe to your home. Adding accents like hanging barn doors, galvanized metal light fixtures and metal-pipe shelving will add interest and depth to your overall design.

6) Add Lantern Light Fixtures

Another farmhouse-style standard is lantern light fixtures. The classic lantern has embedded itself into farmhouse decor and is still popular to this day. This clean, simple and stylish fixture is perfect for the exterior or interior of your home.  

7) Add Interest with Textured Walls

A modern trend that has worked its way into the farmhouse style is textured walls. It’s rare to see a farmhouse-inspired home design without some form of beadboard, shiplap or wainscoting on the walls and/or ceilings in today’s world.  

8) Use Bright Colors Sparingly

While you should stick to a neutral color palette overall, a splash of color can add depth to the overall aesthetic of a space. Try adding some bright throw pillows, blankets or other accent pieces to improve the intrigue of your rooms.

9) Utilize Plants within Your Layout

Plants add a fresh, organic layer to your farmhouse-inspired home style. Placing a few colorful plants around your home will add warmth and life to your home’s spaces.

10) Use Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are an affordable, easy way to add a splash of modern farmhouse style to your home. You can place them throughout your home or try adding a few to the wall to create eye-catching wall art.

11) Vintage Accessories

Farmhouse style lets you get creative with decor. Try placing vintage accessories like mason jars, quilts, wood bowls, enamelware around your home to bring in a touch of the traditional.

12) Restain Furniture

A simple, affordable way to breath new into your furniture is to simply restain your pieces.  

13) Natural Textiles

The use of natural textiles throughout your home will help you achieve a farmhouse style. Stick to cotton, burlap, linen and ticking on dish rags, washcloths, pillows, throw blankets and more.

14) Vintage Signage

Add personality to any space with vintage signage. They can reflect your interests, the season or the space itself. If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on something authentic, they’re pretty easy to make yourself with transfer letters or stencils.

15) Repurpose Old Windows and Doors

If you come across old windows and doors, these can easily be repurposed into some fun farmhouse-inspired design elements. Vintage doors can be transformed into furniture like a dining table, rustic windows can be hung as wall art, and hinges and knobs can be displayed as accent pieces.

16) Open Shelves

Add a sense of space to the kitchen by adding open shelving. Open shelving makes a room feel larger while also supporting the farmhouse theme.

17) Use Wicker and Rattan

Integrating wicker and rattan into your home design can go a long way. Wicker baskets or a rattan chair can create a country feeling throughout a space.

18) Use Slipcovers

Slipcovers can help add a casual look to the room, and help save you money on reupholstering costs. Plus, you can take them off and wash them whenever you wish.

19) Farmhouse-Inspired Porch Furniture

Nail the look of your home’s exterior by adding a few awesome porch furniture pieces. Rocking chairs, hanging benches or a wicker dining set can bring the farmhouse style to the outside of your house.

20) Shop Locally

Shopping locally, and avoiding big box stores or mass-production retailers, is key to achieving a modern farmhouse style in your home. Finding handmade furniture, vintage accent pieces and artisan gems will make your home design one-of-a-kind.

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