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10 Inspirational Outdoor Living Spaces

Do you need inspiration for an upcoming room construction or renovation project? With these 10 outdoor living spaces, you’ll be able to get more than enough ideas. From gorgeous transitional, indoor/outdoor rooms to spacious, airy covered patios, there are plenty of options when trying to build the outdoor room of your dreams. Ready to get started? Here are 10 inspirational outdoor living spaces.

Transitional room with two walls

This gorgeous indoor/outdoor room features clean lines with a rustic touch. With its robust fireplace as the focal point, you can cozy up next to the fire on a cool, breezy night, or get out of the sun under its barn-themed roof.

 Porch with clear pergola

If you’re trying to spruce up your porch or patio, install a pergola to experience cool, stylish comfort. This pergola design features a clear-top to protect those underneath from weather so you can even use it during the rainy season. The added flair in the form of globe string lights and white drapes give it an elegant and sophisticated touch.

Sunny, paradise porch

With a tropical feel, this light and contemporary porch features an understated design and color palette. With hanging seats and natural features, it’s a fantastic little slice of paradise that you can emulate.

Urban backyard retreat

This backyard is a quaint little getaway right in the heart of the city. With trees overhanging a stone pool, an outdoor sectional and a striking bar feature, this little backyard is ready for entertaining friends and family. Try out some of these ideas in your outdoor living space if you want to create a festive atmosphere.

Pool house and outdoor kitchen

With a roof overhead, a stunning fireplace and exceptional kitchen appliances and furnishings, this outdoor space is as inviting as it is functional. Cook up a barbecue while the kids enjoy swimming. Curl up by the fire to dry off and enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal with family.

An outdoor men’s club

This amazing space designed by Jake Moss Designs For the men in the family, why not build the ultimate outdoor bar where you can watch the game over some freshly-cooked steaks and cold beers from the tap? Bring the man cave outdoors, without foregoing style by implementing some of these design features.

Garden getaway

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy your gardens year-round, an outdoor room can make it possible. Carve out an area in your yard to build a patio that’s surrounded by trees, flowers, shrubs and bushes and create an all-natural space that you’ll love.

Compact outdoor shelter

For those modifying a small space, get inspiration from this compact, but nevertheless stylish, outdoor shelter area. With a rustic sectional bench and unique accents, you can pack a lot of style in a small space with just a little bit of creativity.

Forest-covered, all-natural getaway

If you live near a wooded area, embrace the natural environment similar to this outdoor space, which uses recycled trees and concrete to create gorgeous features. Not every space has to carry a hefty price tag – search for opportunities to save money while staying stylish when building your outdoor room.

Modern three-season room

This three-season room uses a good mix of contemporary colors and modern elements to create a stunningly simplistic space. Try slimming down unnecessary features for a more stylish and relaxing outdoor room.  

Get Started with Your Outdoor Living Space Today!

Now that you have these 10 examples of outdoor living spaces to inspire you, you can get started with your project today. Whether you’re remodeling a three-season porch or building a porch addition, there are a ton of options to consider when building the outdoor space of your dreams. If you need help creating the space you’re envisioning, contact Treasured Spaces. We’re the premier home builder and remodeling contractor in Minneapolis. Get in touch with one of our dedicated construction managers to see how we can help you create your dream room.

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