Pros and Cons of a Traditional Style Home: Is it Right for You?

Deciding what house you want to live in is no easy venture. With so many different styles of architecture, each with their own personal qualities, it’s hard to narrow it down to which home best suits you and your needs.

There are many factors that go into deciding what type of home is right for you: Your budget and the location. How many floors and whether there is a deck or porch. Do you want a style of home that embraces open spaces, or one that is enclosed with more room options? Not to mention the look of your house and whether or not you find it appealing. Just like when you’re shopping for clothes, if you don’t love the look of a house, don’t buy it.

Traditional homes are difficult to classify because they are unique in that they can possess many characteristics of one or more historical architectural styles. They are known as having an eclectic architectural style because they display multiple stylistic influences, but can also appear as modern-day interpretations of historic styles. Because of this, they can be seen in all types of environments, whether in the country or the city.

In terms of the floor plans, they are, as the name suggests, “traditional.” (with classic living and dining rooms). Typically, they have two floors, especially homes that are newer. All in all, this staple of American architecture is a great option for a lot of people. Of course, it might not be the right fit for everyone. To help you decide if traditional is the way to go for your dream house, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons associated with this popular home style.



Perhaps the greatest attribute traditional style homes posses, and why they are so popular, are because they blend in seamlessly in just about any location. There is no single spot where traditional homes can be found and no matter where you are, a traditional style house always looks like it’s in the right place.

Great for Families – Basement, Decks, Fireplaces

If having a basement is a big item on your checklist when deciding on a home, you’re in luck. traditional houses will almost always have a basement in the floorplan. Basements are great for families because they provide extra space and are energy efficient with fewer directly exposed external walls. Basements are also extremely versatile and can be adapted for when your kids get older, changing from a playroom to a TV room, for example.

It is easy to craft a traditional home to fit your family’s needs. You will also frequently find family friendly decks in the front or the back the house, perfect for spending time with everyone, as well as homey fireplaces

Initial Cost

Traditional style homes are typically made from wood or brick, which is cheaper than other alternatives like stucco or stone. The way traditional homes are structured allows for a larger margin of error during construction and redundancies can help cover up errors. This makes traditional styles homes an affordable option whether you’re building or buying.



While wood and brick may be cheaper materials, they also tend to have more issues. Whereas stucco is one of the most expensive options for siding on home, it will typically pay itself out over time because of its durability. Brick and wood homes may require more maintenance and therefore you may be paying more in the long run. Brick is not as strong as stone or stucco and they are also porous, meaning they are vulnerable to moisture issues, such as mold, and cracks. Wood is also high maintenance and will need refinishing, painting and occasional replacements. They are also susceptible to termites.

Lack of Modern Elements

A traditional home won’t necessarily stand out in your neighborhood. There is an obvious rise in modern homes that are constructed to be unique and a little unconventional. Because traditional homes are so popular, you may blend into the crowd.

More Sustainable Options

One of the main reasons for this is due to modern houses being energy efficient and more sustainable than traditional homes. With the rise in the green movement, more and more people are starting to put in the extra work and time to ensure that their homes are sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Of course, modern homes tend to be more expensive as well, so keep that in mind.

Finding Your Perfect Home

No matter what style home you decide on, Treasured Spaces has you covered for all your building and remodeling needs.


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