10 Ways Treasured Spaces Brings Quality to our Construction

At Treasured Spaces, it’s our mission to provide home remodeling and new construction services so our clients can make their their dream home a reality. We pride ourselves on our first-class professionalism, attention to detail and years of experience, which is unmatched by other builders in the area. Our team approaches every project with the same level of integrity we would expect to see with our own home. Treasured Spaces strives from beginning to end to provide you with the product and homebuilding experience you deserve. Need more convincing? Take a look at these 10 ways Treasured Spaces brings quality to our construction.

1) Our Design comes from Your Mindset

Whether your tastes are modern, traditional, rustic, functional or anything else, we have the capabilities to deliver what you want. With Treasured Spaces, you’re options aren’t limited – no matter what you’re looking for, we’ll come up with a plan to make it happen.

2) Minnesota-Focused

Because we are based out of Lonsdale, Minnesota, we have a ton of experience dealing with local homes. We know the ins and outs of zoning, permitting and licensing laws, and can guide you through the complicated process.

3) Customized Projects for Every Home

We have the capabilities to build customized plans for every type of home. Whether you live in a condo, starter home or a mansion, we’ll get your style up-to-date in accordance with your goals as a homeowner.

4) Flexible Scheduling

Do you have a strict deadline you need to meet? Are you building a nursery for a new baby? Do you need to live in your home during construction – or even want to help out with the demolition? Treasured Spaces will align our project schedule with yours so you can continue leading the life you want.

5) We’ll Remodel Any Room

From kitchens, living and dining rooms, to bedrooms, bathrooms and more, we will take any room and transform it into your new favorite living space. We’re not limited by our skill; our remodeling services can transform anything from the smallest closets to the biggest basements.

6) We’re Committed to Quality

It’s our goal to demonstrate a strong commitment to quality throughout the entire building project. Our high approval rating, five-star reviews and flawless credentials are evidence that we put quality above all else.

7) We Make the Impossible, Possible

Do you want to convert a bathroom into a nursery? Maybe you want to convert an attic into a master bedroom – whatever the project is, we’ll make it happen. We’ll repipe plumbing, reroute electrical, knock down walls and move mountains just to make your dream come true.

8) We Offer Both Commercial & Residential Construction Services

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, Treasured Spaces has you covered. With both commercial and residential contracting services, we’re as equally capable of remodeling a house as we are an office building.

9) We’ll Turn a Fixer-Upper into a Luxury House

Did you find the home you’ve always dreamed of, but the style of it needs a push into this generation? We will take your 100-year-old fixer-upper and transform it into a 21st century home of luxury. With our remodeling services, your house will become the most-talked-about on the entire block.

10) We’re There Every Step of the Way

With every project we take on, it’s our goal to provide the customer with an open line of communication. We’re there every step of the way so you can feel informed about the construction details of your home. We strive from the beginning to the very end to provide the craftsmanship and homebuilding experience you deserve. Choose Treasured Spaces and Build the Home of Your Dreams! With these 10 reasons to choose Treasured Spaces, you can see why we’re qualified to build the home of your dreams. We’ll provide the necessities you’ve been searching for in a home construction contractor. Our team tackles any project, big or small, with the same gusto that earned us our stellar reputation. With a commitment to communication, professionalism and quality, we offer more to the average property owner than other contractors. Our mission is to bring your home remodeling and new construction dreams to life. Ready to get started? Contact Treasured Spaces today to get started on your dream home.

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