Everything You Need to Know about Home Remodeling Grants in Bloomington, MN

If you’re a homeowner in Bloomington, MN who’s in desperate need of a home remodel, you’re in luck! The city of Bloomington offers several generous grants to improve the look, functionality and livability of your local home.

Curious to learn more? Then keep reading – here’s everything you need to know about home remodeling loans in Bloomington!

$35,000 Housing Rehabilitation Grant

If you’re a homeowner in Bloomington, you can apply for the housing rehabilitation grant, providing up to $35,000 to help residents maintain the condition of housing and neighborhoods throughout the city.

Compared to other types of remodeling loans, the interest rate on this offer is incredibly affordable, at only two percent over a period of 10 years. Additionally, the loan does not need to be repaid until the owner decides to sell the home, transfer the title to someone else or the property is no longer the borrower’s primary residence.

According to the Bloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority, if your home was constructed before 1978, it’s required to have a lead risk assessment, so keep that in mind.

For more information about this remodeling grant, visit the city of Bloomington’s web page here.

$10,000 Curb Appeal Grant

This loan may be smaller than the housing rehabilitation grant, however, it’s completely interest-free, making it an affordable option overall. Apply for the Curb Appeal Grant and you can borrow up to $10,000 with zero interest attached that can be put towards improving your home’s exterior appearance. According to the city of Bloomington, this program is available to residents living between American Boulevard East, Portland Avenue, E 90th Street and Old Cedar Avenue.

For more information about this remodeling grant, visit the city of Bloomington’s web page here.

$2,500 Housing and Environmental Grant Program (HELP)

The Bloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority developed this citywide loan program to help homeowners with concerning health safety risks in terms of code or zoning violations. To be eligible for this grant, properties must be referred by authorized city staff. When approved, a property owner can receive a maximum deferred loan amount of $2,500. Bloomington introduced HELP in order to address problems and emergency repairs on properties throughout the area so they’re in compliance with city regulations.

According to the government, homeowners must demonstrate an inability to borrow funds from a private lender. The Housing and Environmental Loan is deferred and does not require repayment until the recipient sells, transfers title or no longer lives in the home.

Home Energy Squad Enhanced Program

The Home Energy Squad Enhanced program was designed to help Bloomington residents save money on your utility bills by offering up loans for energy efficiency improvements. Through this program, an energy professional visits your property to help you understand your energy use and how to save money on your utilities.

The energy professionals that inspect your home may offer up solutions such as installing programmable thermostats, door weather-stripping and CFL light bulbs. Additionally, he conducts a blower door test – a process that measures the airtightness of your home, helping pinpoint leaky ducts or drafty areas that need improvement.

Once the inspection is finished, the professional hands over a written report on the best ways to improve energy efficiency on the property, as well as relevant remodeling grant loan information.

For more information about this remodeling grant, visit the city of Bloomington’s web page here.

Common Questions About Home Remodeling Grants in Bloomington

According to the city of Bloomington, there are a few pieces of qualifying criteria you need to meet in order to receive a home remodeling grant.

Below are the eligibility requirements:

All applicants must be owner-occupants of their homes.
Your home must be at least 10 years old.
You must have sufficient equity in your home to cover the loan amount.
All loans are served on a priority basis.
Maximum Gross Income limits (subject to change)
1 person – $66,100
2 people – $75,500
3 people – $84,900
4 people – $94,300
5 people – $101,900
6 people – $109,400
7 people – $117,000
8 people – $124,500

Ready to Apply for a Remodeling Loan? Contact the Bloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority
To find loan applications and other related forms, visit the Bloomington government’s website, or contact them via the information listed below.

Government of Bloomington website and home remodel applications

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